Bell & Associates Realty, Inc.

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Full-service leasing and management of single-family and two- to twenty-unit residential properties includes:

  • Screening applicants
  • Researching applicants' credit and tenancy histories
  • Setting fair market rental/lease pricing to ensure rentability
  • Consulting wit you to adequately improve and market your home
  • Advertising your residential property for lease
  • Showing your property to potential tenants

The professionals at Bell and Associates Realty Inc., understand today's leasing market. This family-owned firm provides full leasing services to take the worry out of leasing your residential property. Leasing services are provided on a fee basis to cover the costs of advertising the property, showing it to your prospective tenants, screening applicants and keeping your property leased.

Each client/property owner signs an exclusive leasing and management agreement with Bell and Associates Realty, Inc., that outlines all terms and fees.

Bell and Associates Realty is a fully licensed, bonded and insured. The locations of any escrow accounts are disclosed to the client/property owner at the time the agreement is signed.