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Criteria for Rental Application

In order for an applicant to be considered you must meet the following requirements:

  • All applicants over the age of eighteen must submit a completed, dated and signed application and application fee. Applicants will also need to provide valid, current photo documentation (driver’s license, military ID or State ID). Application fee is $50.00 for each adult, each applicant must complete a sepaarate application form. All adults must be listed on the lease. Note application fees are nonrefundable regardless of the outcome. Please allow forty-eight hours for application processing.
  • Income Qualification- All applicants must prove their actual income from legitimate sources (legitimate sources are limited to current pay stub or tax return). Income must be at least three (3) times the rental amount for the property of interest
  • Verifiable Good Credit- Credit references will be checked with a national credit bureau. Items containing slow pays, judgments, evictions filing, collections, liens or bankruptcy within the past five years will be considered as bad credit.
  • Criminal Record - A criminal record verification is made on all persons over the age of 18 who will occupy the property. Cause for the application to be rejected includes conviction and then release from incarceration within the last seven years for: 
    • Illegal drug activity or gang involvement of any kind. 
    • Any violent act against another person. 
    • Vandalism, Arson, etc. 
    • Burglary 
    • Criminal Trespass 
    • Stalking 
    • Anyone ever convicted of child abuse, child molestation or negligence involving a child is denied
  • Rental History Verification- Rental history will be verified with two or more previous landlords. Applicant must provide names and telephone numbers of prior landlords. A good history includes timely payments, sufficient notice of intent to vacate, and past property left clean and in accordance with lease agreement. 
  • All applicants must see the interior of the property prior to an application being submitted. The property must be accepted in AS IS condition before an application can be accepted (except in cases where the is written agreement for repairs. Verbal representations are non-binding.)
  • Upon approval of application, a portion (at least half) of the security deposit must be submitted, to hold property off the market and set and appointment time to sign lease agreement (usually the earliest available time.) If an applicant fails to submit payment or sign lease agreement the property will be returned to the market. If an applicant attempts to terminate the lease prior to occupying the property- the holding deposit will be forfeited as liquidated damages for the owner,
  • Keys will be released on the first day of occupancy.
  • No pets (with the exception of medically necessary pets) of any kind are permitted without specific written permission of landlord in the lease document, an addendum to lease, and an additional pet deposit acceptable to landlord.

All information collected for the approval or denial of this application is considered confidential in nature and for BELL AND ASSOCIATES realty use only.

Normally, applications will be processed on a “first come-first serve basis”, however due to our fiduciary relationship with the owner, if more than one application is submitted before approval can be achieved then, we are required to select the highest rated application for placement. In this situation all applications must be processed in its entirety, those applicants not approved please understand the application fees are nonrefundable.

Note: all move-in funds are to paid in the form of a cashiers check or money order. Two are required one for the first month’s rent and a separate one for the security deposit.

Authorization of Release of Information: Applicant(s) represents all the above information for rental are true and complete, and hereby authorized verification of any and all information relating to residential history (rent and mortgage); employment history, criminal history records, court records, and credit reports. Applicant acknowledges that false or omitted information herein may constitute grounds for rejection of this application, termination of right of occupancy, and/or forfeiture of fees or deposits and may constitute a criminal offense under the laws of this state.

Click here for: RENTAL_APPLICATION.pdf